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BootCamp is a fun but tough class! We focus on getting your heart rate up and challenging your physical fitness abilities. I take you through 10 stations and at each station you have 3 sets to complete before transitioning to your next station! Be sure to come Energized and Fueled because you’re gonna need it! 

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Core class focuses on strengthening your core muscles(abs, low back, hip flexors). We go through 10 exercises and complete 2 rounds of 1 minute of work! Only thing is we are All doing the same thing! So we’re into together! We focus on our breathing and engaging the core! A weak Core can lead to injury, so let’s strengthen them up! 
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Training with Tee-Fit Virtual you will have 3 rounds of 3 exercises for your warm up. Followed by your 3 circuits of work! Essential to have your basic at-home workout equipment(dumbbell, resistance bands, aerobic stepper).
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In the Tee-Fit Lab 3-5 minute warmup followed by 3 circuits of work! In each circuit there are 3 exercises(3sets of work, reps 8-20 vary by physical activity level). After all 3 circuits we rest!
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